Character IP and Brand Identity - Senior Thesis 2020

Matter Matter is a character IP centered brand who’s goal is to create awareness of mental illness to both children and adults and to showcase the importance of creating a support group of trusted individuals to share and communicate emotions freely; dismantling the stigma that communicating such things is a weakness. Each of the six characters represent a certain mental illness or trait, stemming from my own personal struggles and relatable experiences. 

Matter Matter’s balance of naive visuals with serious topics allows for both children to enjoy the brand while learning about mental health at an early age, and for adults to feel comfortable liking “childish things” with its personal relatability. A main
goal for Matter Matter is for the characters to “grow with you,” meaning that the brand is meant to be enjoyed through
many different stages of life. Mixing this longevity and the personal topics, Matter Matter creates an emotional and relatable connection with its audience. While representing the importance of creating your own support group, Matter Matter Friends
will be there for their audience to act as such.

Go see the Friends make their public debut on their very own Instagram.